Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cupid Must've been Drunk and Forgot me Yesterday

So...Valentines Day wasnt too horribly bad. After an almost 8 week hiatus of cold turkey no talking I gave in and txt Mike. I made it through Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, my BIRTHDAY (for Gods sake!), and every single day in between I was strong, but on Valentine's Day, I break. Lol

I sent the sweetest most heartfelt 3 sentences in the history of litterature and recieved this reply: "Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetie."


And then the tears came. But they stopped pretty quickly because I had shiz to do. I had a Valentine's Party planned for work. We didnt have too many patients so a lot of the nurses got to stay home on low census, but the 5 of us who were there managed to REALLY get into the Valentines mood after I forced every one to start making Valentines Day cards. And the dress code I envoked that everyone hated, well, they ended up loving it.

People should trust me more.
I love these girls :)
Me and My Work BFFL Super Jen

So theres a little sample. I do love Valentines Day. And I love all you!
Cant wait to read about all of your Valentines Days
Lauren Ashli


  1. You sound like such an awesome person to work with. I should become a nurse. Ive thought about it, after all, not many other jobs out there.

  2. Looks like you guys had so much fun!!! Do not discount how strong you are dealing with Mike..You got through many of the major holidays without him! I have been there, trust me! I know you know that you deserve so much better.. :)
    Focus on you and that special one will come to you!

  3. I knew you should contact him. :) I hope he's changed whatever it is that drove you apart in the first place. I can tell you really care for him and obviously he cares about you.

    Glad you had a good V-day.

  4. LOVE LOVE the pics!!! SO festive!!

  5. I can't figure out how to message/email you!! LOL I am SO blonde and technologically challenged! Email me! blondeej82@gmail.com