Sunday, January 9, 2011

The 100 Day Challenge (Well, 112 day, lol)

Today is January 8th, 2011. I have decided not to finance my surgery, rather to go along with the insurance requirements and see what kind of weight I can shake off before then. The plan is to:
1) stay on a low-carb, high protien diet
2) drink 100 oz of water a day
3) get 1000 calories in a day
4) work out at least 4 days a week
5) Take 10,000 steps a day
6) Get dad's Wii over here
7) Buy a treadmill and weights?

Now, I HATE working out, so 4 days a week is a lot for me. But I guess that's why Im calling it a challenge I would like to lose 3 pounds a week ideally before May 1st. I dont know if that is doable, but Im going to give it a shot. I would just like to be 185 by May 1st and I will push myself as hard as I have to in order to get there.

I dont intend to have a life between now and then. I am $12,385 in debt right now. I will sign up for as much call as possible and scrimp and save whatever I can to pay off as much of that as I can in 112 days. I dont really have anything of worth to sell, but Ill try to get creative...

When I reach my goal I hope to do the following things:
1) Buy my new car

2)Wear something cute from the Victoria's Secret, "Pink" Collection

3)Start dating again

4)Go on my Cruise to Alaska

5)Start the Summer of Travel!

6)Get a boob job

7)Annoy my exes and people who never were because I was "close" to a "7-8" but not quite there cause of the weight

So here they are...the scary "before" pics. I REALLY hope I have something better and some progress up in 112 days. Or else I just posted these horrible pics for the world to see for nothing!!!

Thats all for today! GOOOOOO COOOLLLTTTSSSS!!!